About Us


Welcome to Quicksilver Messenger Tree Service. Our company is dedicated to giving you the best in arbor care in Upstate New York, whether it be tree removals, branch cutting, or something else.

This website is intended to provide you will all of the necessary information about our services and how to get a hold of us. If you have any questions, please visit our contact page to read about the best way to reach us.

The Quicksilver Story

This page is dedicated to telling you a little bit about who we are and how we started this company. We hope that you read it and gain a better understanding about our purposes and values as a business.

Jazz Lovers

We do a lot of work with trees, but our company’s founders come from a place where you might not expect due to the lack of trees – New York City. Janice and Hilda were partners who had a love for getting out of the city and hiking around in the woods. They also shared a love for jazz. Particularly, they really dug the music of pianist Horace Silver and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. After both receiving environmental conservation degrees from NYU, Janice and Silva decided to start a tree service company that had conservation and ethical environmental practices in mind. They figured it would be best to make an impact in their native state of New York. So, they sought to establish themselves in a place to safeguard nature – Upstate New York.