Soul Food in Huntsville, AL

If you find yourself a little bit south of the Tennessee border in Alabama, you’re in luck. Take a little trip through forests manicured by a tree service to the town of Huntsville and you’ll find yourself immersed in some deep Southern culture. Amidst hospitality and quaint architecture, it’ll be impossible not to indulge in some sweet tea and other Southern delights. On this page, we’ll help you get hip to some of the great foods to look out for when you’re enjoying a nice country meal. Check it out!

Eat Your Way Through

Country Staples

When in the South, the name of the game is flavor and richness. The food will leave your stomach full and your tastebuds satisfied. There are plenty of great dishes to try if you want to dive deep into some classic Southern dishes.

If you go to anybody’s house at pretty much any time of the day, chances are that they’ll offer you sweet tea. This delightful beverage is a concoction of iced tea and loads of sugar. Because sugar is an export of the South, it’s quite common to find it in lots of Southern dishes and drinks. Sweet tea is no exception. On a hot, sweltering day, there is nothing that will be able to quench your thirst like this heavenly drink.

Any dinnertime meal in the South will leave you loosening your belt a few notches. Southern food is more about being tasty and substantial than it is about being healthy. This is all well and good because it is very delicious. At the dinner table, you might find yourself amidst┬ácollard greens or some good fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. If you see something that seems unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. Take a heaping spoonful and dive in because it’s all great food. You’re gonna love it!